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Why people show off their cars on social media?

The trend of sharing pictures of belongings and valuable possessions on social media is nothing new. People have been doing it now for quite a while. There are a number of things that may come to your mind when you see a person sharing an image of his valuable property on social media. Among many stuff that people post, one most often seen the object is their car. They tend to brag about it in front of their friends on social media leading to a thought in your mind that why people show off their cars on social media? Why would anyone do something like this? Well, there can be specific possible answers to it.


It’s just a show-off

The first thing that pops up in our mind is that it is only a simple show off as anyone would do. And the truth is that people like to show off their stuff. There is a particular psychological state where people get so much into themselves that they brag about things that they acquire and stuff they have in front of the audience.

People want appreciation for their achievement 

The second possible explanation for it is that people wish to appreciation for their accolades. There might be someone who won the car in a competition or a person who worked really hard and got it as a reward, and now they are willing to share it with their friends to receive congratulation messages on their achievement. At one side, it can make them feel great and keep them motivated for working more while on the other hand; it is also a great inspiration for people that see such posts.

They feel proud

There can be nothing as good as the moment when you feel pleased with something that you acquire. There are individuals that just love cars, and when they purchase one, they feel proud. They want to share that moment  aof joy and happiness with people around them, and ultimately they end up posting a picture of their car on social media and then they instagram followers.

They want to jealous others

Okay! We are humans, and we should admit that there are grudges and things like that and times when you want to show that you are better than someone. So, to make that the competition feels jealous and ensure that the person is at the top, people like to do such perks.

It’s nothing but just a picture

Here is another thing that we love to exaggerate the stuff mainly when we do not have anything else to do. Therefore, we can take a simple picture and just throw it all away questioning ourselves and the person that why in the world would someone post a picture like this even when it is nothing more than an image.


So, these are some reasons why people show off their cars on social media. Everyone is living his or her own life and fighting their own battles. So, no matter what the circumstances are, we should learn to respect each other and move on rather than criticizing individuals.


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