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Food security and the global world

Food Security

Food security means people are having all the time social, economic and physical access to safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and good for the health. People feel food secure when all the time food is available to them. Secure food household is the one in which every member had sufficient amount of the food to eat. The global food security challenge is forthright. In the next, some years world has to fodder 9 billion people. The demand will be 60 times greater than today’s demand. Food security is a global challenge because everybody needs foods. The intricacy of delivering food to population show why it is important for developing and developed countries. It is a global challenge not because it is about feeding people, but also about the aspects of the economy.

Things that affect:

Many things have an impact such as Changes in the climate, population, today by day raising of food prices all have the highest impact on food security.  

Water problem:

The water crisis is affecting the food security, as the water reservoir in many countries such as North China is due to the widespread of over pumping and irrigation.

Deterioration of lands:

Intensive farming leads to debility of the soil fertility and recession of agricultural yields.

The cause of food security:

The populace of world:

Population growth is the one cause. As population varies in different countries, it is expected that Africa will double its growth in next few years. The population is becoming urbanised in developing countries. Many urban residents projected in Africa.

Diet and Taste changes:

The not only population is growing, but also diet is changing. Today’s people eat food that is rich and processed, meat and dairy. But, it means that to eat more meat you have to grow more grains.

Shifts in climate:

Food security is so much affected by the changes in the climate.. 40 percent of the landmass is arid, and the raising temperature will turn more of it. We can feed only half of the population in coming years as comparing with the today’s rate of producing. Crops are badly affected by the rise in temperature, water supplies and forecast are altering the balance of nature.

The scarcity of water:

This is a serious crisis that today’s world is facing. 21 percent of agriculture is in water region. 1500 liter of water is required to produce 1 kilogram of wheat. And 1600 liter to produce a kilogram of beef. It all means that we need much water in coming years.

Ways to Improve food security:

Development of agriculture has improved many people lives. Investment in the agricultural field can help the small farmers to produce good and healthy, and that can help us in food security.

GDP growth of the agriculture is more 4 times more effective in reducing poverty.

A 1 percent increase in agriculture leads to 1.2 percent reduction in the number of people who are living below $1.

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