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Creative Ways To Clean Kitchen

Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen is one of the daily tasks strenuous enough. Although the mother usually has its own way to clean the kitchen and keep it clean, but do you ever think to use creative ways in the process of cleaning in the kitchen? Evidently not only able to make a clean kitchen, but also can make kitchen clean-up process more quickly and effectively. Curious? Here are seven creative ways to clean the kitchen furniture that you can try at home.


To make it easier to clean the rest of the food that has hardened in the microwave, put the water in the bowl that is safe for the microwave, then turn it on and set the time for 3 minutes until the water had been turned into steam. After that, remove the bowl and wait for the microwave until cool, then take a cloth and wipe the inside of the microwave for existing descaling.

Broken glass

If there is a plate or glass that fell and scattered on the floor, do not use the hand while cleaning. Use a piece of bread to remove shards of glass scattered in your kitchen.

Cutting Wood

If your cutting board used to cut meat or fish, use slices of lemon or lime as deodorizing fishy. Rubbing slices of lemon or lime earlier to a cutting board and let sit and then rinse and dry.

The crust in the skillet

To remove scale in a frying pan or other cooking appliance, clean the rest of the food as much as possible and then sprinkle with salt. After the download is still dry sponge and rubbing salt into the entire surface of the crusty pan crust lifted up, then rinse thoroughly.

Clean Furniture of Glass

To clean furniture made of glass, use water mixed with vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to wipe the glass surface of the furniture in your kitchen.

Use Garbage Disposal

You can also use best garbage disposal to clean your kitchen. Here you can get garbage disposal reviews.

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